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How To Animal Communicate

Since ancient times, humans and animals have been able to communicate. As we developed the ability to talk, we lost our ability to telepathically communicate. It is a latent ability that we all possess and with a willingness to learn to reawaken the ability, we are all capable of telepathic communication.

When we look at the example of how bats navigate and hunt, they use echolocation or “Bio sonar”. What this means is that they make a very high frequency sound and when the sound hits something an echo bounces back. From this echo the bats not only know what the sound waves bounced off but also exactly where it is. The bats bio sonar has a unique signature frequency. So each bat makes a unique sound, as do dolphins and whales. {Balcombe,J, 2006; 125}

Psychic communication is much the same. Each human has their own unique brand of bio sonar using electromagnetic waves. We can send out and capture thoughts, feelings, impressions and memories. This ability is a learned skill and is simply another sense that needs to be awakened. Your own mind creates the words, so the human brain interprets the animal thoughts by putting them into a language, pictures or sounds that you can understand. The way you receive information depends on the development of your brain i.e. some people may see pictures [clairvoyance] while others may get feelings [clairsentience] Karl Pribam, a renowned brain researcher has shown that the brains deep structure is essentially holographic and that information is distributed throughout the body. {Brennan,B,1988 ;27} This explains how different senses can be used to attain telepathic communication.

The first step in animal communication is to quieten the mind. During our active day-to-day living, our mind is in a beta state. That is the brain waves are at a frequency of 14 – 40 hertz and this state is associated with heightened alertness and logic. The Alpha brain state is when you are in a light meditative state and is associated with a meditative state. This is from 7.5 to 14 hertz. {Gerber,R, 2001} The Alpha state is ideal for animal communication as it allows for resogenesis to take place. Resogenesis is when we learn to vibrate at the same frequency as the animal and this allows us to be able to transmit and receive information, like tuning into a radio station. {Kinkade,A, 2006; 53}

It is important to have prepared a list of questions you want to ask the animal. This is important as it keeps you focused on the information you wish to elicit and gives structure to the conversation. Remember your heart accepts everything. Your heart holds no judgement or criticism. It is the centre, the core of who you are. Its language, intuition, is a powerful form of communication. In order to program into an animal’s frequency, we must be able to will our consciousness to be mobile and travel on waves. We establish communication through the heart. When we think of ourselves as being a wave then human and animal energy can join together and flow in harmony. {kinkade,A, 2006: 57}

Think of when you meet new people. At first you may be guarded and only communicate on an intellectual level. If the person has an open heart and is really interested in what you have to say, you are more inclined to share more of yourself. The animal always needs to feel safe with you. If you are talking to a strange animal, it’s important to always be polite. Ask permission, show good manners. Put the animal at ease by explaining who you are, who asked you to speak to him/her and why. {Murray,S, 2009; 79}

Now you need to connect with your heart. What works for me personally is to allow my heart to be filled with a feeling of overwhelming love and light. I then visualize a bridge of love extending from my heart to the animal’s heart. I always feel a bit of a jolt in my heart as I connect. There are many different ways of connecting; some people like to visualize a ray of light connecting one’s brow chakra to the animal’s brow chakra. { Murray,S, 2009; 79} Others use meditation in order to put their minds in a receptive alpha state {Brunke,D, 2002;21} It is not important what method is used. All that matters is that you reach the correct vibrational frequency to allow for an exchange of information to take place.

Communicate with focus. Thoughts, pictures, words or feelings may come through. Pay attention for any of these. You may also use a gestalt technique which is when you visualise entering the animal's body and being able to experience what the animal is feeling as though it were in your own body. Learn to recognise your style of connection. Do not be afraid to ask for clarity or for more information. Learn to ask open-ended questions. Learn to trust the process {Cited by Murray,S,2009;84}

Once you have obtained all the information that you want make sure that you thank the animal and find out that there's anything that they want to say or any messages they have for their owner or humankind in general. It is always important when doing subtle work that we adhere to an ethical code. Being polite and always asking permission to speak to an animal shows courtesy and respect. It also imparts that you are interested in hearing what the animal has to say. {Kinkade,A,2006;30}

There are many methods of ending the communication. One is by imagining a silver cord joining you and the animal dissolve and then a waterfall of stars pouring over the animal separating you and taking each of you back to your natural resonant frequencies.{knkade,A,2006;33}

Everyone needs to learn to respect and revere animals as fellow beings - different in physical form than you but of the same spiritual essence and potential. When we are learning the steps to communication there are usually some blocks that prevent us from communicating effectively. In the next section I discuss what the possible blocks are to animal communication and how to overcome them.

Blocks to animal communication

It is normal to struggle in the beginning. It is like learning a new language. Initially you may communicate mostly by means of sign language. Then slowly you learn the odd word or phrase. You may then attend some workshops and language classes where you learn to become more fluent. Before you know it you're comfortably communicating and can understand everything {Williams,M,2003;105} In my personal experience it took a long time from catching a word, feeling or phrase to getting whole fluent sentences.

People often suffer from performance anxiety. This comes from being asked to divulge their answers and the fear that they have got it wrong and will appear incompetent. {Williams,M,2003;104} This comes from placing too much pressure on you. You must never worry about the information you receive as you can only get what you get. Never look at what you don't get and place emphasis on the information you do receive. Always reflect on the positive as this will provide the encouragement to persist and make you feel better about your ability to communicate. It is a new skill and takes time to learn. Think of it as learning to ride a bicycle. At first it was really hard to balance but as you became more adept the easier it got. Communicating with an animal is exactly the same.

I interviewed two different animal communicators who said that believing that the information was authentic and then having the courage to express what they had learned were the biggest hurdles to overcome. The ability to be honest, not to take any negative experiences to heart, and to develop the belief that they were truly communicating helped them to overcome these hurdles. A great deal of practice and learning to go with their first impressions was essential.

The other problem is being unable to quieten the mind. This is something that doesn't happen instantly but tends to take some training. Meditation is the best way to achieve this but remember to always be realistic about your goals and expectations. It takes time to learn to meditate and results are not always achieved overnight. Be patient with yourself. {Williams,M,2003;129}

You may find yourself trying too hard and wanting instant results. The harder you try the harder you make it for yourself. It is very important to let go of attachment to the outcome and just to let go and let the thoughts come to you. In my experience you need to be able to step back emotionally in order to convey non-judgemental impressions. If I am personally involved with the animal I will have a fellow communicator do a reading for me. When you start out even one thought is cause for celebration. Be willing to make mistakes. Errors often occur when we pre judge a situation and base impressions on the physical appearance of the animal, often we are inclined to ignore the first impression we get or try to over analyse information that we receive. Communication can be open to misinterpretation and we may make a mistake but not asking for clarification. If one gets fifty per cent of the information right it is considered acceptable but normally one would expect to have seventy per cent correct information. { Wiliams,M, 2003;50}

A problem that is often encountered is projecting one’s feelings onto animals. One may look at the animal's outward appearance and body language and base decisions on what one sees. It is very important to listen to what the animal has to say and cast all judgement to one side.{Kinkade,A,2006;52}

At first everybody tends to doubt themselves, it is completely normal. Be patient with yourself and don't compare yourself to others. Don't look at what you aren't getting that focus on what you are getting. One often feels that one’s not getting enough information so do not be afraid to ask for more details e.g. if an animal feels disappointed, asking why he feels that way and what can be done in order for him to feel better. {Kinkade,A,2006;48}


I would firstly really like to emphasise that animal communication is in no way a substitute for veterinary care and all animals with a problem should first have a thorough medical check before an animal communication and consultation is undertaken. An animal communicator is not qualified to diagnose or treat medical problems and to attempt to do so may lead to legal problems due to misrepresenting one’s scope of practice.

Some common issues I have faced in practice and have found animal communication to be helpful in addressing are: Behavioural problems: many owners experience behavioural problems in their pets such as soiling in the wrong place, cats not using the litter box and fighting among pets in the household. Other behaviours are quite clearly based in emotional problems: Pets being agitated or nervous, animals showing signs of depression, problems with separation anxiety and destructive behaviours. Consulting an animal communicator will help one to get to the root cause of the problem, which may be physical or emotional. If one were to consult a behaviourist the emphasis would be on remedying the problem behaviour rather than addressing the underlying cause. The virtue of being able to speak with an animal is that the needs and feelings of that unique and special being can be heard, shared, and responded to in an individual way. {Williams,M,2003}

Relocation: it is hugely helpful if one is able to explain to an animal all the details surrounding relocation. It is important that they know what to expect. They need to know about the new home, where they will be going. If it's far away your close by. Will there be kennels or cattery involved?. Will they be getting there by car or plane? Are the issues around quarantine? If animals know all of these details they are far more settled throughout the whole process. By telepathically sending the animal pictures one is able to give them information and insight concerning events and this will help to allay their anxiety. Karl Pribam describes this as “it’s like the brain is secreting vision and mind. Mental phenomena arise through the interaction between brain, body and environment. The whole interactive thing produces an emergent, which we call mind and spirit” In other words in order to telepathically communicate you have to open your consciousness and let the camera of your consciousness learn to view what is beyond the blur of ordinary perception.{Kinkade,A,2006;55}

Lost animals: Animal communication can be life-saving when helping to relocate a lost animal. Not only in helping to locate the animal but also to establish the reasons why it got lost in the first place. It also helps to establish if the animal is alive or dead. Some animals may choose to leave home of their own accord. {kinkade,A,2006;211}

Sick or injured animals: When animals are sick or injured, it is very helpful to be able to talk to them. You can find out how the medication is affecting them, what level of pain and suffering, what measures can be instituted to make them feel better. The animal can be consulted when major treatment decisions need to be undertaken such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. It is important that the animal communicator has the medical knowledge to explain medical treatments or procedures or this must be undertaken with the help of the veterinary surgeon treating the animal. The animal needs to be given all the information relevant to their treatment options. It is also important to explore the emotions behind physical diseases. Many problems may also be exacerbated due to an unhealthy environment, poor diet or inadequate care.{Williams,M,2003;181}

Death and dying: When owners are faced with the death of an animal it is incredibly helpful to find out what the animal wants. Whether they want to die by themselves or they need assistance in crossing over. Do the animals have any special requests like way they would like to be euthanized and who they would like present. They can also be consulted as to what they would like done with their remains e.g. what they like to be buried or cremated. It is very helpful to explain to an owner that when an animal dies the consciousness [spirit] of the animal lives on. This spirit resides in the universal energy field and this is how animal communicators can still talk to the animal once it has passed over. Every animal has an immortal soul. The animals like to stay close to us in spirit after they have passed over. {Kinkade,A,2006;215} Communication with passed over animals can be very healing for the grieving owners. It helps to bring peace and comfort knowing the animals are safely on the other side and helps to put to rest any feelings of unresolved guilt. In the next section, I shall use two case studies to illustrate how I used communication to address the particular needs of two animals.


In my practice as an animal communicator, I experience validation of communication on a daily basis. Everyone has their own unique way of receiving communication. I find that I am mostly clairvoyant and clairsentient. I get very strong feelings about things and information I receive is often accompanied by a series of pictures which I see in my mind’s eye. I have medical knowledge and experience and have compiled a symbol dictionary which helps me to intuitively gather information regarding the animal’s health when I do a body scan.

In the case studies below, I demonstrate how intuitively, through telepathy, it is possible to receive accurate information from an animal that can be validated by the animal’s care givers.

Case Study 1:

My first case study involves the tracking of Bailey, a dog owned by Petal. Bailey left home when Petal left Mozambique. I have copied over the exact mails as they were sent and received. The black writing is from the owner and the green writing is my response

Diagram 8: Bailey
Diagram 8: Bailey

“So my dog's name is Bailey, she was born on 27 November 2011. She is black with a white marking on her left paw and her chest. She has skin problems and her hair is thin in patches. We live in Ponta Do Ouro in Mozambique. We have another dog Dori which is a cross jack russell/fox terrier. Dori is the "boat dog" and gets to go out every day. Bailey has had to stay home as she wanders off. My boyfriend favours Dori and has not wanted Bailey although he has his moments where he gives her a little attention. I have been her master, fed her, bathed her, played with her and loved her. My 4 year old also adores her and they bonded well. She has never left the house whilst I was there however when I left for SA on Fri, she did her 1st act of disappearing, she was found in front of where I work on the beach in the evening. 2 days later, this past Sun she again disappeared, not to be seen again. She has a brother (Riley) a white lab in our town. We do not have roads or street names, all sand roads. I really hope that you can help. Regards Petal

Bailey is a gorgeous and loving girl. I see a picture of her where her tail is wagging so hard her whole rear end wiggles. She adores her family and is a little shy but easily coaxed into saying hello. She is very smart and adores her mum and your daughter who she sees as her playmate and friend. She is very young and has left of her own accord.

There are problems at home. She knows she is a cause of strife in your relationship. There is stress around her and she manifests this in the skin problems she has. She cannot understand why your boyfriend ignores her yet Dori is accepted and loved by him. She is pushed away and Dori gets to go everywhere. She is only a puppy and doesn't know what she has done wrong and what Dori does that is different. She feels there should be equality.

She has had enough so as soon as you left there was nothing keeping her at home so she left too. She has been very close to you and like a shadow. She was lost when you left. She was left with someone who had no interest in her welfare. She says she does not want to come home unless there are some changes.

There is not a nice vibe. She wants equal treatment and wants to be loved and accepted and if this can't happen then she does not want to be part of a divided family.

She is not far away and is sleeping in a hole she digs in soft sand and lives off scraps. If she can't be accepted she says she would rather find a new home. It is not a good situation she will not come home until you are back. She has such a big heart and so much love to give. She is so smart you could teach her anything. She wants a happy family.

She loves her food, the games especially tug and fetch. She loves digging in the sand and racing around with your daughter and playing with sticks. She loves it when you sit on the ground and cuddle her in your lap.

I am worried about her being out alone, very pretty and young. She knows where home is but won't go back without you. She is not far away but you need to be home. You need to make a decision and tell her what the outcome is then she will decide whether to come home or not. She wants no divisions and wants to be accepted, wanted and loved. She has a special soul and brings sunshine wherever she goes. She is not hurt, hungry or thirsty and spends a lot of time snoozing.

Please get home as soon as you can and if not find her another family. I must emphasize she adores her Mum but if you aren't there neither will she be.

Belinda, I am so happy and sad all at once. I am on my way home and the only thing I will concentrate on is finding her! I promise to make things right with Wayne and her. He is missing her too. She came to me for a reason and I left my antidepressants because of her. I have not been as fulfilled as I have since she came into my life. We love her so so very much and desperately want her back. I will be home after 5 and I AM going to search for her. She must please please come home, I have been dreading going back and not having her there to welcome me back. She is all I think about. Belinda thank you so much once again - Bless you, x

I have tuned into Bailey. She is still reluctant to go home as you need to let her know things will change. She is near the water. I see a picture of a wooden jetty and brown wooden buildings which is close to where you live. There are very few people. She is not hungry or thirsty and is being taken care of by some people. There are green trees and sand.

Belinda it is with the most heartfelt thanks that I want to let you know that Bailey is HOME! My friends called me this morning to say they had found her behind their house at a BROWN wooden house barking. They live 100 down the road! She is looking great! She has a new collar and I believe these people have taken and tied up a dog there before. I am so so happy, for 3 nights in a row since coming home I have dreamt of her return, this morning I asked her again to please come home and a minute later my phone rang! Belinda Bless and thank you

Case Study 2:

This case study is about a cat that was very sick at the time called Caesar. The owner’s correspondence is in black and my responses are in green.

Diagram 9: Caesar
Diagram 9: Caesar

“He is VERY ill right now and on a drip at the vet with the most dreadful running stomach. My vet is at his wits end and says he doesn’t know what else to do. Caesar started with a running stomach about a week ago and I took him off to the vet for a check-up and he gave him an anti-biotic for the stomach. 2 days later he had the most terrible foul stomach workings and it was like pink blood (looked like pyometra). I took him to the vet and he has been there ever since. They have had to put him on a drip because he is not taking in enough fluids otherwise and although there is no blood in the stool it is still too loose (like water) The blood test showed high neutrofils last week which means that he must have had a terrible infection. I think this is from the new batch of food I put down as I have a number of other cats with terrible stomachs around the same time period and also a few cats vomiting etc. PLEASE could you help me? I am absolutely beside myself! Poor Caesar just looks at me with these dull eyes and I don’t know what to do for him….

When I tune into him there is a huge overwhelming nausea where I just want to hurl and hurl. There is also an acidic taste in his mouth. I have dispensed with all the usual chit chat as he feels terrible. He feels very weak and is just so exhausted by the whole scene. He really feels he cannot go on much longer like this. You seem to be sending him healing as amazingly his chakras are balanced and I will do Reiki on him now to balance the auric levels and give him an energetic boost. I feel he has a bacterial infection which he picked up from another cat. The antibiotics don't seem to be helping him. I feel the infection has aerobic and anaerobic components. I receive this information as a part of my symbol dictionary for specific bacteria] He has no appetite due to the nausea. His hydration seems fine. His white cell count feels up and he has a bit of a headache. These situations are always a little tricky as I am not a vet and hold them in the highest regard. However if this were my cat I would really like the cat on Kaopectin to halt the diarrhea. Ulsanic to ease the acidosis in the tummy. Something for the nausea and a triple antibiotic like penicillin, gentamicin and flagyl to cover all the bases. I really hope this is of some use and will work on him now. Please keep me posted on how he is doing.

I wanted to give you a bit of feedback on Caesar. We did a test and he tested positive for a bacteria (name I cannot now remember) Flagyl was a good call and there was a more specific drug which the vet ordered and is giving him. He needs to be on the meds for at least a month He started eating yesterday on his own (YAY!!!) and certainly looked a bit perkier when I saw his yesterday afternoon. Was actually standing up for a change. But his stool is still terrible so that is a concern. Thanks so much for your help Belinda, it really helped to make both Caesar and me feel a LOT better ?

I have just been doing some work with your beautiful boy. When I connect with him he says he is feeling much better. His tummy still feels a little queasy but nothing like it was. He complains that he is feeling cold and shivery and that it hurts at the back of his neck between his shoulder blades. His Anus also feels a bit raw. His chakras are amazingly all balanced. His kidney meridian is unbalanced and this usually relates to sexual confidence which leaves me thinking he may have had a bit of a rough experience with a queen. His Auric levels were fine. He has an emotional block around a woman he is missing. He says she used to take care of him then left a while ago. Then there is another block around him desperately wanting to be allowed to roam free outdoors. He wants freedom and no outside supervision. He insists a cat needs his privacy. He also said breeding is an issue. He has no problem with breeding but he has big issues about being watched while he services the queen. He says it humiliated him and hurts his dignity. He says you are the best Mum and he knows you will hear him. He also says something to bind his tummy please. I have worked on him and everything is balanced. I have put him in ceremony as he wants crystal work. He is far more communicative so must be on the mend.

Thanks for the feedback I went to visit this afternoon and he was standing up and when I touched him he purred softly - he is so sweet...so I can see he's doing a bit better. I asked them to put the hot pad on for him, which they have done. The problem with blankets is (so they tell me) is that he is literally pooing " green water" ( their exact words) and the whole of his cage is just full of it when his tummy goes so he ends up lying in this dreadful smell...I hope the heating pad helps him though - they have it protected under nappy liners so it should be ok and it's on a very low heat too. But I did feel that his hind quarters are much colder than his chest area They will also put some Fissan Paste on his anus to ease the sting there. And they are giving him something to bind his tummy too. I went and bought some skinless chicken and will make him some and take that to him tomorrow- at least he is eating now! About the woman he misses- I have racked my brain but the only 2 women who have had daily contact with him are myself and my housekeeper ( Velicia) and she still works here. Yes I know he doesn't like being watched :)) it's why I usually put him in a room with the girls and switch the light off. I figured that out after seeing him freeze up when he saw me watching. I really didn't mean to embarrass him - just the excitement of him actually wanting to work got the better of me! But it won't happen again. And about him running around - I know he likes his space. He shares a very big area with a few others now which has a covered patio with a long sleeping bench and that leads into the 3rd bedroom where there are perches with "beds". I do have another area where I can put him but the problem is that the girls run around there and then I have no control over who he has mated or when the matings occur...so thats a bit of a problem - I will have to think about that. The only alternative is to neuter him which, if that is what he prefers, I will do. I wanted him to mate 2 or 3 of my girls this year and was planning to neuter him then, and if he stops spraying he can come and sleep on my bed :)))

Hope you are having a great weekend. Caesar says he is feeling a bit better and would like to try more chicken perhaps with a little rice. He is still queasy and his tummy hurts. He still feels cold but not as badly as yesterday. Any chance he can have a heater near his cage? His aura, chakras and meridians are all balanced. He has an emotional block around the masculinity issue. He must have overheard you talking about him being neutered and wanted you to know he would consider being neutered if that meant he could have his freedom. By this he means total freedom to have the door open to outside and come and go as he pleased. He would like to be a normal cat. He said the person who cared for him was not a caregiver but rather someone who spent time making him feel special. Sylvia comes to mind. He says he feels sad, lonely and left out. He does not get enough attention and he doesn't want to share the attention. He says at least when he is sick he has loads of attention. He is feeling a bit abandoned. He would very much like to be an only cat. All in all he feels very down. Please visualize him being enclosed in a vibrant pink bubble and give him a pink blanket. j

Thanks for the feedback. I am really sorry he's feeling so isolated and alone, it really saddens me. I can put him in the house/patio area when he gets home, it's no problem other than the girls are there, but I will make it up for him if it helps to make him feel better. I took him more chicken and a pink blanket. The heating pad is on but they can't use a heater- the set- up doesn't really cater for that. And if he gets too hot he would have no- where to move to cool off. Vet says he can maybe come home tomorrow or Monday, so here's hoping. I would like to put him in my room so I can keep an eye on him but I am worried about his tummy.” In these examples, the information I received was very clear and verified by the owners. I believe it demonstrates that telepathic communication is possible. In addition, I believe that what we know about physics shows that it is also supported by science. We live in a world where everything is a vibrating mass of energy. It is only a matter of re-awakening our latent abilities and a whole new world will open up before our eyes.


The object of this paper has been to show that telepathic communication is possible and is supported by science.

In the first part of the paper, I discussed how animals are sentient beings. The general meaning for sentient is “to perceive or feel,” to be aware or have physical sensations. A sentient being is self-aware, and some people believe this only applies to humans. We know pets are capable of feeling pain and can suffer, but just how aware are they of their surroundings and of the people they share their life with? I believe I have demonstrated that they are as aware as humans, despite interpreting and communicating things differently to the way humans do.

Following that, I looked at the science behind animal communication. Field theory explains how all living beings are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that extends outwards from the body. This is known as the aura. The theory of relativity explains how we are all just made up of energy and the holographic principle shows how consciousness is stored anywhere in the body. Quantum physics brings in a whole new science, as a particle has no definite movement or speed. All of these things show that the seemingly impossible can be done and can be explained by science.

I then explored how one can perform an actual communication. It is a latent skill that we all possess and like any new skill, with a little practice one soon sees verifiable results. The steps required were outlined before possible blocks to communicating with animals were discussed. Often, we feel unable to communicate with animals, but this is usually our refusal to accept that it is possible and something that we can personally accomplish rather than the task being impossible.

The science and practice discussion then culminates in a section explaining the circumstances where animal communication can be beneficial for both the human and the animal. Two case studies taken from my practice are used to illustrate two of these: assisting a sick cat communicate the issues that have resulted in his anxiety and dis-ease and finding a “lost” dog. These serve to show that animal communication is verifiable and, in the circumstances of a lost and sick animal, very helpful in understanding the real reasons behind the illness and the disappearance.

This paper has shown that, although animal communication is an intuitive skill, there is also a scientific basis to show how it is possible. We all possess the ability to communicate with other beings and through exercising this latent ability a whole new world is possible.

Animal communication demonstrates that we should respect and revere animals as fellow beings - different in physical form from humans, but of the same spiritual essence and potential. If you approach animals with condescension, thinking they are inferior in intelligence, awareness, or substandard in any way, you limit your ability to perceive and understand them as they truly are. As you increasingly see and treat them as fellow intelligent beings, you allow them to express themselves more deeply and fully to you, and your relationship develops, matures, elevates, and expands. (Smith,P,1978)

Through showing people that animals are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings just like humans, I hope to achieve a change in people’s attitudes and the way in which they regard and treat animals.


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